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AC200Kit Cane
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AC200Kit Industrial Cane Series

Among the assorted types of Canes Perkins offers, the AC200 Cane Series features the small tip radius and smallest profile. The AC200 can be purchases with or without the Base/Mount Frame (shown is photos), as well as with various face-plate styles. Although it may look small, the AC200 cane is still built with the same quality and durability that is in all of Perkins' canes. If you have further questions in regards to the AC200Kit, please get in contact with your regional sales representative.


  • Fully compatible to ANSI Type B Carts
  • Heavy Duty chain for superior and safe lifting
  • Minimal greasing for less maintenance
  • 14-16 second cycle time @ 8GPM
  • Variety of standard & custom heights are available
  • Various Face-Plate Options
  • Composite hooks handle your carts gently
  • 1 year limited warranty



Please Note: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine product suitability for a given application. Perkins Manufacturing cannot be held liable for errors or omissions. Please call Perkins Manufacturing (708) 482-9500 for assistance in choosing a cart lifter.