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Locker Model TL4 and TL4wk
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Locker Model TL4 and TL4wk from Perkins Manufacturing Company

Save time and effort with the Locker. With the touch of a button, the locker aligns and locks-in commercial containers for quicker and safer pick-ups. The Locker's safety valves prevent the winch of kick-bar from operating until the locker is closed, and the container secured, increasing operator safety. The patented Locker is offered exclusively by Perkins.
  • Hydraulically locks trunnion bar into tailgate
  • Improves worker safety
  • Workers can lock both sides from one control, increasing productivity
  • Locking ears can help pull misaligned containers into the locked position, eliminating the need to adjust the truck position
  • Can be installed on virtually any rear-loader and works with all trunnion-bar rear-load containers, no need to modify your containers!
  • 1 year limited warranty
Sales Brochure (657 kB) Manual (737 kB) Bid Specs (48 kB) YouTube Video Link   

Please Note: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine product suitability for a given application. Perkins Manufacturing cannot be held liable for errors or omissions. Please call Perkins Manufacturing (708) 482-9500 for assistance in choosing a cart lifter.