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D41500 Electromechanical US Lifter
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Multi-Purpose Electrical Lifter

The electrical lifter from Perkins eliminates the need for a separate hydraulic pump by using a compact self-contained electrical actuator to provide the lifting power. The system features simple operation with lock-out controls preventing undesired operation. When activated the tipper gently raises and dumps the bin's contents with the push of a button, then returns the bin to the ground, making taking the trash out effortless.

Features & Specifications

  • All weather construction
  • Powder coat finish
  • Limited Maintenance
  • Lifts ANSI Type B & C
  • 300 lbs capacity
  • 20' Ext. Cord included with each unit
  • 1 Year limited warranty
Multi-Purpose - Brochure
Self-Contained Front Load - Brochure    

Please Note: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine product suitability for a given application. Perkins Manufacturing cannot be held liable for errors or omissions. Please call Perkins Manufacturing (708) 482-9500 for assistance in choosing a cart lifter.