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Tap-In Kit
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Tap-In Kit from Perkins Manufacturing Company.

A quality hydraulic system supplies the life-blood of a lifter. The performance of a lifter and it's effect on the rest of the truck's hydraulic system is dependent on the design quality, proper installation and adjustment of the Tap-In Kit. Perkins Hydraulic Tap-In Kits are assembled with components specifically chosen for their reliability and proprietary design features. With the Perkins Tap-In Kit, the packer valve remains fully functional during the lifter operation, your oil will stay cooler with a minimum amount of backpressure, and your Perkins lifters will achieve peak performance with minimal operational impact to your existing truck system. Different kits exist for the wide variety of truck and lifter combinations.  Please contact Perkins directly to ask which kit is right for your application.   Sales Brochure (574 kB) Warranty (980 kB) 

Please Note: It is the purchaser’s responsibility to determine product suitability for a given application. Perkins Manufacturing cannot be held liable for errors or omissions. Please call Perkins Manufacturing (708) 482-9500 for assistance in choosing a cart lifter.